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Structured Coaching & Consulting frameworks and marketing systems for small businesses and entrepreneurs to convert small businesses into potent brands who stand out and drive growth.
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Hello, I’m Nicole!
I’m here to help you grow your business!

I help small business owners and entrepreneurs find their voice and clarify their business strategy using a collaborative approach to creating sustainable and cohesive business systems.

I bring a holistic, mind-body-spirit approach to my personal and professional coaching practice with clients. I blend science and spirituality together by brining the best from current industry practices, self-development and spirituality to help you develop personal mastery, build effective business models and brand strategy and cultivate a growth mindset needed to build an abundant and thriving business and life.

You are not a one-sized-fits-all

So how can I help you?

I believe that a great brand is more than a polished logo, website and catchy tagline. The potency of your brand comes through authenticity and clarity around your story, your personality and your ability to solve people’s problem(s). Your brand should be meaningful, memorable and easily recognizable. It should carry every ounce of your energy and your passion.

I support my clients in fully expressing their craft and focus on their personal evolution and design for excellence and success. More than just a surface-level process, this kind of growth calls for deep inner-work, a commitment to change, taking inspired action and creating strategies that are meaningful, practical and uniquely and authentically aligned.

Ways to Work With Me

Nourish Group Coaching Pilot Program


Individual and Group Coaching packages to meet you where you are now, so you can revive your business, feel renewed inspiration and creative expression in life, create more time to focus on your zone of genius and the things you love. Reconnect with your passion & live on purpose.

entrepreneur business flourishing

DIY Support

DIY support whether you aren’t quite ready to hire full time designer or just love the sense of accomplishment by rolling up your sleeves and getting things done one your own! Lean on my expertise for guidance on the more technical aspects, while staying involved in the implementation process.

Freelance Support

À-la-carte business and design services to support you where you need it most. Whether you need support with graphic design, branding, website design & updates, digital marketing assets, print materials, digital workbooks & booklets or branding stationery, I’m here to help you get things done!

You Need Effective Business Systems That Work for Your Business, Leaving You FREE to Focus on What You Do Best!

Founder of Manifest Design Studio, I work with passionate Small Business Owners and Entrepreneurs who want to create sustainable, healthy business practices, stand in their zone of genius, reconnect with their passion, thrive in business and manifest their dream life. I provide a holistic approach that includes life and business design, helping you manifest a life and business that feels inspiring and fulfilling so you can fall back in love with your journey!

Travelling and discovering new places is one of the opportunities that I appreciate the most. This allowed me to increase my awareness of the world and develop a more conscious practice. A central element of my sessions is compassion, this will lead us to establish a profound feeling of energetical and spiritual connection. Your session will be built based on your needs, and we will work on your limiting beliefs, uncover and resolve limiting beliefs that are standing in the way of your vibrance and establish healthy habits so you can truly thrive in your everyday life and in your business.

If you know there’s something missing from your life and you’re just not sure how to grab it, and you know that you’re a hidden gem, but are struggling to help your ideal clients find you, know that you are just one decision away from creating incredible change. So join me on this journey and let’s do this together!

What you can expect working with me…


  • Enhanced confidence and mastery of your personal and professional goals
  • Refine strategies to support sustainable growth and success in life and your business
  • Reduce limiting blocks, like stress and fear, that are standing in the way of your brilliance
  • Encourage vitality in body, mind, spirit & business through proven techniques and processes to help you be your best
  • promote personal and professional holistic wellbeing & personal mastery
  • build positive relationships to experience a vibrant, successful life and business.

We will work on your goals, uncover and resolve any limiting beliefs or blind spots that are standing in the way of your vibrance and establish healthy practices so you can truly thrive in your everyday life and in your business. Each one of us has a unique blueprint of skills, gifts and abilities, and it is my mission to support you create a Lifestyle and Business Design that is aligned to this individual blueprint. In doing so, your life and business become not only more fulfilling, but you can then more positively impact to your community and the world around you.

I’m excited to meet you!
Please take a moment and let me know how I can help!
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What Clients Have to Say

I initially hired Nicole to revamp my website but as we got into the project was soon blown away at her vast knowledge myriad things concerning my online business. I love how Nicole is personal and professional and is patient with my creative process and allows for my own creativity to shine through. I started this project feeling stuck but now I feel an incredible sense of optimism, clarity, and possibility regarding my entire business. Working with Nicole has helped me to shape a direction for my business, everything from social media presence, brand identity, messaging, and even product ideas. I’ve seen a sharp increase in online sales thanks to the work she’s done. I highly recommend Nicole as an essential ally for your business.

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