Yogatreat Mobile Yoga Retreat Booking App

Design Responsibilities

Logo, branding, web application design

Company Background

Yogatreat is a yoga retreat booking app that lets retreat leaders and facilities post their retreats and help connect them with people looking to attend a retreat. It can also be used to promote yoga teacher training programs as well. Primarily target audience focus on North Americans and Europeans, however venue and retreat/training list focus will include worldwide offerings.


Yogatreat is new to the market and was created in response to a gap in the marketplace. While there are numerous websites that house their lists of retreats, no one has designed an app to do this. Yogatreat needed a logo with complete branding and guidelines so that they could create an app that appealed to their target audience, that was easy to use and inspired travel, yoga and wellbeing. Having everything in one place means that people could view, book and review various retreats, they would be able to save retreats to their favourite’s list for future reference and also be able to message retreat leaders. Future iterations would also include a unique community message board for each individual retreat so that, once signed up, participants could communicate and meet one another prior to arrival at the actual retreat.

Target audience

  • 25-55
  • Women
  • Yoga Teachers with disposable income
  • No kids (or empty nester)
  • Owns own condo
  • $50,000+/year
  • Yoga teachers searching for retreats to attend or advertise their retreat
  • Yoga enthusiasts searching for retreats to attend
  • Passionate travelers
  • Enthusiastic about meeting new people
  • Value self-care (so more willing to invest in themselves and pleasurable experiences)
  • Primary spender or has the freedom to make pleasure spending decisions freely

Brand voice

  • Adventurous
  • Inclusive
  • Friendly
  • Supportive
  • Laid back
  • Excited
  • Adaptable
  • Flexible


Yogatreat aims to drive visitors to list and/or book yoga retreats and yoga teacher training through their app. They offer listings to retreat leaders and hosts around the world (however they originate in North America) for a percentage booking fee for each retreat booking. By highlighting retreats from all over the world and from a diverse teacher and/or venue pool, Yogatreat is able to showcase retreats for any budget and thus remain inclusive to everyone from budget to luxury retreats. They strive to make a difference in helping people find retreats and trainings to promote self-care, learning and relaxation travel adventures, while helping retreat leaders and venues connect with customers seeking their services.