Ultimate Travel Guide: Amorgos, Greece

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Amorgos, Greece Travel Guide

Design Responsibilities

Magazine layout and print design

Company Background

Ultimate Travel Guide: Amorgos, Greece is a fictitious Greek travel guide, in a series. This particular guide highlights the key features, attractions and beauty the Greek Island of Amorgos has to offer. It’s purpose is to help travellers learn about local attractions, restaurants, hotels and sights so they can get the most out of their destination by offering recommendations and offers to readers so they get the best experience.


Ultimate Travel Guide: Amorgos, Greece needs a logo, branding and complete layout for printing their magazine. They want a bright design to help showcase the beauty and the vibrant colours and culture of the destinations they highlight, in particular their feature destination of Amorgos, Greece. They want to highlight the top accommodations, activities, and cultural attractions to draw tourism and help elevate travellers’ experiences.

Target audience

  • Couples and families
  • 30-55
  • 2 kids
  • Married/partner
  • Loves culture & travel
  • Interested in local food and activities
  • Value reviews and recommendations
  • Like to do research before visiting their destination

Brand voice

  • Exciting
  • Inclusive
  • Informative & Educational
  • Cultural
  • Friendly


Ultimate Travel Guide: Amorgos, Greece values being helpful, informative and loves to encourage travel to the Island. They want to help travellers get the most and the best out of their travels so they aim to offer the best reviews, information and the top tourism activities to add value to their reader’s travel experiences.


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