Scott Moore Yoga

Scott Moore Logo
Scott Moore Logo on textured paper

Design Responsibilities

Logo & brand package, website redesign (Squarespace), SEO audit and digital marketing strategy

Company Background

 Scott Moore is a Yoga & Yoga Nidra Teacher, Mentor and Author.


Scott Moore Yoga needed a fresh new look. A complete brand re-brand was necessary to help highlight his offerings and to better design his digital messaging to more effectively reach his ideal audience. From logo to a website redesign, we needed to update and refresh his look and his presence. Logo and branding were top priority, with his keen interest in the rich mythology of Indian and yogic culture, the elephant is symbolic of the Hindu God Ganesh, known as the remover of obstacles. Incorporating the elephant essence of this deity with the shapes of Scott Moore’s initials helps reflect the essence of his mission and passion. Currently conducting an SEO audit and beginning strategic marketing plan, while designing the new layout for the website.

Target audience

  • Yoga teachers looking to dive deeper into Yoga Nidra
  • Women
  • 30-55
  • 2 kids
  • Married/partner
  • Runs or manages yoga space
  • Teaches regular yoga classes
  • Values personal development
  • Introspective
  • Deep thinker
  • Practices meditation
  • Eager to make a difference in her community by helping others thrive
  • Interested in e-learning

Brand voice

  • Authentic
  • Accessible
  • Inclusive
  • Uplifting
  • Friendly
  • Approachable
  • Wise


Scott Moore believes everybody at their core is good and through the practice of Yoga and Yoga Nidra, one discovers one’s innate goodness and become able to see it reflected in others.  He values authenticity and inclusivity and hopes to leave a positive impact on the world.


Currently, logo elements and branding guidelines has been developed and SEO website audit has been completed. Next step in the design phase is redesigning Scott Moore’s website and implementing SEO recommendations.

Your journey starts here!